Invest in the memories, you're going to love that you have these moments captured.



My In-Studio sessions are a way to simplify your photo session, both in look and in process. I have a very cozy little loft studio with white & taupe backdrops. I use soft, diffused strobes for a non-glossy look, and I am always ready to shoot.

By The Sea (and land)


At the beach, the park, your home, or other on-location spot (I love urban alleys!). The on-location shoot takes a little more prep and time. I love to call these walk-a-bouts. We make it fun & get to know each other.

Senior & Teen Portraits


Truly one of my favorite sessions are young adults, especially High School Seniors, coming in to their own. Try to think of these sessions as gifts to their future selves. Bring in a few outfits, cap & gown, college sweatshirt, meaningful props.

Product & Creative Content

$250 - $1000

Send your product to me, or bring it in and help me art direct...or a combination of both! This category is really dependent on the product and your business needs. Reach out to me, let's chat!

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